Stingray Rocket Fireworks

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5 Rockets that will fill the sky with colour and noise!

Stingray Rocket Fireworks:
Noise level: 4/5
Safety distance: 25 metres (Cat 3)
Fireworks: 5 rockets per pack

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Viper retail fireworks


5 Rockets that will fill the sky with colour and noise!

This rocket firework pack contains 5 fireworks in total.

Safety distance: 25 metres (Cat 3)
Noise level: 4/5

Diameter: 35mm
Length: 810mm

All of our retail fireworks are fully CE marked to EN15947 and built to the very highest standards without compromise.



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Rocket Fireworks FAQs

What is a rocket firework?

A rocket firework is a type of firework that is constructed of a paper/cardboard tube, packed with gunpowder that is propelled into the air upon ignition. The cardboard tube is attached to a wooden stick to provide stability during flight.

What are the different types of rocket firework?

Rocket fireworks come in a variety of options and sizes including low noise options.  Sizes of rockets vary, with smaller ones being classed as category 2 (8 metre viewing distance) and the more powerful being category 3 (25 metre safety distance) options.

What kind of effects do rocket fireworks add to my display?

Rocket fireworks provide the classic high-sky aerial burst that you see in the majority of firework displays. Rockets are a great option for any display, filling the sky with bright colours and delivering a variety of shapes and different effects. A staple ingredient of any home firework display!