Ark Royal Cake Firework


A huge barrage forms this cake, which shows why Britannia ruled the waves, a heavyweight performance from the Ark Royal.

Ark Royal Firework Cake details:
Noise level: 4/5
Safety distance: 25 metres (Cat 3)
Shots: 100 (1 cake)
Duration: 60 seconds

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A huge barrage forms this cake, which shows why Britannia ruled the waves, a heavyweight performance from the Ark Royal.

Effect: Blue stars with time rain, Red stars with time rain, Green stars with time rain, Orange stars with time rain, Yellow stars with time rain, Pink stars with time rain, Time rain crackling, Brocade with time rain, all with mine and tail.

Shots: 100!! (1 cake)

Safety distance: 25 metres (Cat 3)
Noise level: 4/5

Diameter: 20mm (per shot)
Duration: 60 seconds

All of our retail fireworks are fully CE marked to EN15947 and built to the very highest standards without compromise.


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Cake Fireworks

What is a cake firework?

A cake firework is a firework comprising a series of Roman candles, small aerial shells, or a combination of both, connected together by a high-speed fuse to deliver many shots in one package, called a cake or barrage.

How do you use cake fireworks?

As cake and barrage fireworks are constructed by joining many fireworks together in to individual tubes (shots) with fast fuse, you will only need to light a cake firework from a single fuse, located on the outside of the package. Care should be taken when lighting fireworks, including the use of port fires (Special firework lighters), and a firework safety pack.

What fireworks offer the most shots?

Cake fireworks can offer a variety of shots within a single box, with sizes varying greatly from 10 to well over 200 shots in a single cake! For even bigger effects, take a look at compound cakes, which are multiple cakes, joined together with fast fuse with a single ignition point.

Why choose cake fireworks for my display?

In terms of value for money, duration and variety of effects cake fireworks are hard to beat. Being many small fireworks joined together in a series of tubes, cake fireworks are able to offer multiple different effects and colours within the same single box. Depending on how they’re fused and the number of shots included, cake fireworks can offer a duration of up to around 100 seconds! Each of our individual cake fireworks list its duration, and they are usually accompanied by a video, so you can see it in action.

What does the diameter mean on a cake firework?

When we list the diameter of a cake firework (eg. Diameter: 30mm), it’s referencing an individual tube within the cake. This will give you an idea as to the power of each shot (a larger diameter tube would indicate more gunpowder is in the tube!), and therefore the impact the firework will have within your display.