Top ten things to consider when
booking a wedding firework display.

It’s prime wedding planning time!

With 40% of engagements happening between the festive season and Valentine’s day January and February are prime time for newly engaged couples to start the wedding planning process.

So the trick with wedding planning is not to get totally overwhelmed when you start out, here’s our top 10 list of things to do to break it down into manageable chunks;


Go on a date with your intended – Once you get engaged everyone will want to help you plan your big day, they will all have good intentions but the best way to get started on your wedding planning is to sit down with your fiance and work out what’s important to you first. Plan a date where you can relax somewhere without any distractions and work out what’s important to you both; religious or civil ceremony? Traditional or quirky? What food and drink? What type of entertainment? etc


Set a budget – Work out how much you’re able to spend and if you need time to save factor this in and work out a total budget, this will help you when you’re looking at venues and times of year to get married.


Make a list – All good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who list make. Write a list of all the key things that you will need to do; Pick a venue, choose your bridal party etc (download our handy planning list here). Plus you can break this up into bitesized chunks.


Write a provisional guest list – Most venues will have a maximum capacity and getting some provisional numbers together will help you figure out if you’re going to be looking at a cosy pub lunch, a manor house dining room, a marquee or a full on banquet hall.


Spring bride or winter wedding – Decide what time of year you fancy getting hitched and remember that this decision may affect what you wear, your flowers, photography and entertainment choices. It’s not that easy to get tulips in August and if outdoor photography is important to you be cautious about picking a winter month when there is a lot less light.


Find a venue – This is the biggest single expense of your wedding so venue shopping is very important, it helps if you set your criteria before you start looking as there are so many options out there. If you’ve decided what you’re looking for and roughly where you want to be located now’s the time to get out and start looking, a great way to do this is to have a look to see if there are any free wedding fairs as they give you a bit of insight into what the venue could look like on the day.


Take out insurance – Hopefully you’ll never need it but it’s always worth taking out wedding insurance, it’ll be one less thing to worry about.


Your’s and your crews glad rags – One of the most fun bits of wedding planning is getting the dress but before you get your crew together to head out to the shops, do a bit of research. Allocate a budget and make google your friend have a look and decide what type of wedding dresses you like and then look for wedding dress shops that stock designers you like. Plus get a plan together to get your fiance’s and both your crew’s outfits sorted for the day.


Photography, flowers, decor and entertainment and all that Jazz – now’s the time to get all the other things together that bring the personal touches to your wedding, picking flowers, decor and entertainment and a photographer and or videographer to record it all for posterity.


Let them eat cake – Yes this could be a point to say decide on your catering and yes you definitely need to do that, but also make sure you give yourself some time to kick back and enjoy yourself along the way. Whether that’s on stag or hen do’s or just chilling with your other half and a bit of cake.