There are lots of ways to add that extra touch of magic to your wedding day, will fireworks give you the extra sparkle you're looking for?

From twinkling sparklers to show-stopping displays to rival London on New Years Eve, fireworks at your wedding can be as big or small as you wish. But, there's lots to consider when planning to ensure your wedding fireworks display goes off with a bang. Here are our top 10 things to consider.

1. Check with your venue

First things first - you'll need to check with your venue whether they allow fireworks, not all venues do and if this is something you’ve set your heart on as part of your day it’s best to ask upfront. Some venues only allow quiet fireworks so as not to upset their neighbours whether they be human or animal, but don’t worry these are still just as beautiful to watch.

2. Consider the season

Fireworks sparkle best in the dark so if you’re getting married in the summer you may need to set a much later time for your display to go off or if you’re getting married in Autumn or winter consider whether you’ll need something warm to wear or a sheltered spot to enjoy them to their fullest.

3. Choose between DIY and a professional fireworks display

Some venues will let you put on your own DIY display, and if you choose to go down this route make sure you’ve asked someone responsible to take care of this for in the evening as you don’t want to be worrying about anything on your special day. Many venues will only allow fireworks if they’re going to be set off by a professional display company with the relevant experience and Insurance. Check with your venue what options are open to you.

4. Set a budget

As with everything for your big day it’s best to set a realistic budget upfront. If you’re hiring a professional fireworks display company the costs can vary massively from under a thousand pounds to thousands of pounds a minute. Make sure you’ve discussed how much you want to spend with your partner and then with the display company, they should be able to be specific about just what you’ll get for your money. If you’re planning a DIY display make sure you’re buying from a reputable company and you’re going to get the quality of fireworks you’re looking for. Remember if a deal seems to good to be true it usually is.

5. Pick the right fireworks company

If you’re going to book a professional fireworks display company make sure to check they are acceptable to your venue, that they have the right insurance and that they can provide you with testimonials from other brides and grooms they’ve put on displays for. Check exactly what they’re offering as it makes it easier to compare quotes.

6. Brief your photographer

If you’re spending the money on a fireworks display you’ll want to makes sure you get some Instagram worthy shots so brief your photographer that you’ll be having a display so he can prepare. Fireworks look great in long exposure photography so make sure to check with your photographer if they can do this.

7. Add the fireworks to your order of the day or keep it a surprise

Decide whether you want to give your guests something to look forward to and put your display in the programme for the day or whether you want to keep them a surprise. There are benefits to both just make sure that if you want to keep them a surprise the fireworks display company knows so they can be discreet when setting up.

8. Timing

British law states that all firework displays must be finished by 11pm so it’s likely that your fireworks will need to be fired before the last dance, think about when’s the best time for you to have these. The exception to the rule is on 5th November, Diwali, Chinese New Year and New Years Eve so if your wedding coincides with one of these dates you can fire as late as midnight for a perfect finale to your day.

9. Make it personal

There’s lots of options for personalising your fireworks display; Start the fireworks yourself with a call to fire or starter button, match the colours to your wedding colours, have heart shapes fired into the sky, pick the exact fireworks you want or choose to end the display with a lancework heart with your initials either side. The sky really is the limit so discuss how you’d like to put that personal stamp on your display.

10. Enjoy the show!

It’s important to take some time for yourselves on your wedding day and sharing an embrace whilst you watch your firework display is a memory that will stick with you forever.