• On 30 April we fired a wedding display at Theobalds Park Hotel. This firework display was one of our quieter shows that we fire where noise may be a deciding factor of whether to have fireworks to celebrate your special day.  See the feedback we received from Ionna Drymoni shortly after the show....

    Thank you for the spectacular firework display last night, we really enjoyed them and our guests kept saying how good they were.

    Don't let noise stop you from having fireworks at your wedding, we can fire spectacular shows that are less noisy than our traditional displays.

  • On 5th November 2016 we are pleased to again be firing the Camelot Rugby Club annual fireworks display.  This year, we will be firing our largest and most explosive firework display ever!  Do not miss out on what will be a spectacular show! 

  • It was all smiles at this year's Christmas Lights switch on with a dual roof fire work display fired from the top of the Marlowes and Riverside shopping centres!


  • To give you an idea of the work involved in setting up a professional firework display we recorded a short time-lapse.  This was recorded during the set-up for the firework display as part of the Marlowes and Riverside Christmas Lights switch on in 2013.

    The set-up presented in it's own unqiue challenges, including climbing up on to the roof of the Marlowes (need a head for heights here) and ensuring the safety and entigrity of the glass canopy.

    The show itself was fired simultaneously from the roof of the Marlowes and Riverside car park.  This video focuses on the setup of Marlowes roof.