We have put together some special firework packages, they contain the very best effects currently available and the displays have been designed to give you fantastic value for money whilst still giving the most exciting displays you will ever see.

Each of our three packages give you the best combination of fireworks for the cost. However, if cost is not an issue please visit our bespoke display area where we can design a display to exactly fit your needs. We also provide someone to collect you and your party and direct them to the safest and best viewing position for the display, a phone link will be provided and you actually give the command to start the display, or maybe your guests can start a countdown the choice is yours.

SILVER DISPLAY – £995 By far our most popular display that is suitable for all events but is particularly suited to weddings, the display lasts for about 7 minutes and is a very fast paced show that features approximately 120 shells up to 6" as well as roman candles and many different types of cakes, as with all of our displays we will endeavour to design a segment that includes the theme colour of your wedding or event, this display is guaranteed to thrill you and your guests.

GOLD DISPLAY – £1495 One of our premier displays – with high quantities of shells fused to give spectacular effects that will leave your guests gasping. Candles, Barrages, multiple cakes with an assortment of effects are tailored to keep the excitement levels high. A longer more explosive display that will definitely keep your party entertained. Our gold display can also be customised to just include colours you require.

PLATINUM DISPLAY – £1995 The ultimate package display – multiple banks of shells up to 6 inches in size and a team of firers working together to let off a display that will thrill and amaze those that see it. Multiple candles and cakes with many different effects and shapes, also includes a separate finale sequence designed with care to stun and amaze your party. This display is big enough to use for a fund raising event or alternatively really raise the standard of your special day or that special occasion. You can also customise our platinum display to just include colours you require.

Take a look at one of our wedding firework displays at Pendley Manor in Tring...