Supposing it rains can we still have the display?
Yes rain does not affect us firing the show, only high winds and it is very unusual to have to cancel a show because of weather conditions.

Do you liaise with the hotel?
Yes we will carry out a risk analysis and safety inspection of the site and provide the owners with a safety and insurance pack.

Do we have to inform landowners or householders near by?
We will inform you of anybody who is required to be informed by law, it is normally Fireburst Fireworks or the hotel owners who inform the relevant parties.

Can I choose what sorts of fireworks that you fire at my display?
You will be involved in the design of your display, we will guide you through what types and sizes of fireworks are suitable for your location, Fireburst will always endeavour to design a display that is personal to yourselves, whilst also being as breathtaking as we can possibly make it for your event, your guests are our next clients and we are going to be showing off our skills to all of you.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than dellighted to assist you.